Homerton College

Inverroy Crisis Management have worked with Homerton College over the last 6 months, and have saved us hours, if not days of work. Their expertise in managing crises and emergencies, planning and training, their eye for detail and exhaustive research into how the College works means that they have produced robust, simple, workable emergency response procedures, which all College staff have been able to buy in to.

Inverroy have taken our emergency response and business continuity problems out of our in-tray, and in solving them, have allowed us to take significant steps forward in our ability to manage incidents and disruptions.

I look forward to working with Inverroy again shortly, when the emergency response plan that they have helped us to construct will be workshopped and exercised.

If any college experiences a sinking feeling when the words “emergency response, planning, business continuity, crisis response etc” are mentioned, I firmly recommend that they give Inverroy Crisis Management a call – they are the easiest route to solving the problems
— Gary Sharp. Assistant Bursar, Homerton College

Gonville & Caius College

“Inverroy Crisis Management knowledge of how the College worked before they arrived recently (March 2019) provided a business continuity exercise for Gonville & Caius College (within the University of Cambridge).

Their careful preparation and research gave them a thorough knowledge of how the College worked. This added significant value in designing and exercise that responded well to the client brief.

The day itself was extremely useful in highlighting areas for improvement in our resilience.

Inverroy interacted very well with Caius staff, creating a positive learning environment.We would strongly recommend the experience to others.”
— Jennifer Phillips. Operations Director, Gonville & Caius College


Cairn Energy

“Matthew and his team were instrumental in the evolution of our crisis and emergency response procedures/training packages and were very reactive to a number of requests for deliverables linked to a new country entry process we were undertaking.

Overall I cannot recommend Matthew and his team highly enough, they are all engaging, knowledgeable, experienced and personable, not to mention, highly versatile, an essential trait working with the oil and gas sector”
— Jamie Wallace. Senior HSE & Group Corporate Security Advisor, Cairn Energy


“Inverroy was appointed in early 2017 to provide specialist support services to refresh our existing Business Continuity Plan.

Since implementing the revised continuity plan Inverroy have also carried out two successful practical simulation exercises to increase team understanding of the processes.

This has all been completed within nine months. We could not have done this in such an efficient way without Inverroy.”
— Lorna Russell, AQA

Genel Energy

Inverroy was appointed to strengthen Genel Energy’s Crisis Management System through the creation of a company-wide crisis management framework and to develop the necessary supporting procedures.

Under Matthew’s leadership, a programme to enhance the Company’s Emergency Response & Crisis Management was developed.

Thanks to on-going support significant progress has been achieved at both strategic and tactical levels throughout the business.
— Dawn Summers. Head of HSE, Operations & Developments, Genel Energy Plc

Global Responders Group

“Global Responders Group have recently delivered an Emergency Preparedness training package in the United Arab Emirates with the support of Inverroy Crisis Management Limited. Their representative, Mr Matthew Wardner provided a professional and knowledgeable service and integrated well into the team. Matthew provided an exceptional level of experience to the client and the team under quite challenging circumstances.

We are looking forward to the next opportunity to have Matthew and Inverroy Crisis Management Ltd work with us again.”
— David Jenkins. Operations Manager, Global Responders Group.

Matrix Risk Control

“I have full confidence in the ability of Inverroy Crisis Management Ltd to devise and deliver high-quality services that meet the needs of every client. I witnessed at first hand their abilities at a security themed Emergency Response exercise which was run for a Blue Chip Company and the performance of Inverroy Crisis Management Ltd drew positive feedback both from the participants and the client.

I welcome, and look forward to, the future opportunity of working with the Team at Inverroy Crisis Management Ltd. “
— Alan Smith. Director, Matrix Risk Control (UK) Ltd