Case Study: Premier Oil

Developing a new Emergency Response Web Portal


The Client Requirement

As a FTSE 500 independent upstream oil and gas company, Premier Oil has complex interests in the UK, Mexico, Brazil, the Falkland Islands and several Asian nations. Its UK Business Unit pinpointed the need for instantly accessible emergency response documentation following a busy period of asset acquisitions.


The Inverroy Response

A full review of all emergency response documents by Inverroy Oil and Gas Crisis Management specialists, followed by a newly designed and developed web portal that can be immediately accessed under pressure.


The Inverroy Solution

A thorough analysis of Premier Oil’s emergency response documents identified overlaps and room for efficiencies. These materials were improved and loaded onto a bespoke Inverroy-designed emergency response web portal, which is seamlessly integrated with Premier Oil’s existing document management system.

Now, emergency response information, procedure and advice can be easily located across Premier Oil’s entire service stream, increasing preparedness and strengthening its response framework.

Why Choose Inverroy Crisis Management?

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By creating accessible solutions to complex problems, our team can rekindle your confidence in the emergency response, crisis management and business continuity procedures of your organisation.

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