Case Study: Cairn Energy PLC.

Developing Simulated training exercises


The Client Requirement

UK-based oil and gas exploration, development and production company, Cairn Energy PLC, needed ways to test its Crisis and Emergency Response Team (CERT) in anticipation of significant disruptive events.


The Inverroy Response

Quarterly simulated training and response exercises designed to mimic a range of scenarios, from offshore drilling incidents near Senegal to business continuity disruptions at its Edinburgh head office.



Bespoke Inverroy designed and delivered simulated exercises, conducted quarterly, with an emphasis on galvanising and preparing the Cairn Energy Crisis and Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Training refresher packages are now also available during CERT meetings, covering topics as broad as pandemic flu, safe travel and mainstay oil and gas risks.

Matthew and his team were instrumental in the evolution of our crisis and emergency response procedures/training packages and were very reactive to a number of requests for deliverables linked to a new country entry process we were undertaking.

Overall I cannot recommend Matthew and his team highly enough, they are all engaging, knowledgeable, experienced and personable, not to mention, highly versatile, an essential trait working with the oil and gas sector!!
— Jamie Wallace. Senior HSE, Cairn Energy



With the support of our expert team, you can rehearse and test your organisation’s ability to react to disruptive events in a safe but realistic environment.

All our exercises are accompanied by a post-exercise report, outlining key observations and next steps to improve your business resilience.

Discover how Inverroy validates and tests crisis management procedures with our Delivery Model.

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