BCP Episode 4: Feeling The Heat: Impact of fires and travel in hot locations.

In this month’s episode we discuss:

  • The impact of a fire at a Premier Inn Hotel in Bristol and how you might respond both a traveller and as a local business.

  • The Jim Beam warehouse fire in Kentucky and the environmental, operations and reputation impact, with a view to the UK COMAH regulations as a counter-point example of good practice.

  • The fire at Universal Studios and the destruction of original and back-up tapes.

  • Safe travel in hot locations and high security risk locations.

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Approximate time breakdown

Premier Inn fire Bristol: 00:00 - 05:30

Jim Beam warehouse fire: 05:30 - 12:30

Universal Studios fire: 12:30 - 19:00

Travelling to a high risk location: 20:00 - 29:00

Travelling to a hot environment: 28:50 - 31:50.


Sheryl Crow comment on Universal Studio fire: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-48745638

Inverroy blog on Universal Studio fire: https://www.inverroycrisismanagement.com/blog/2019/7/17/why-backups-should-always-be-stored-separately-universal

Inverroy blog on Jim Beam warehouse fire of 2 July 2019: https://www.inverroycrisismanagement.com/blog/2019/7/24/jim-beam-and-friends-7-distillery-fires-that-caused-environmental-havoc