BCP Episode 3: Climate challenges, Brexit and "Doing the Right Thing"

In this month’s episode we discuss:

  • the challenges businesses face with the growing prevalence of extreme weather events from floods in the UK to drought conditions in India.

  • the potential impacts of Brexit on your business, with particular focus on potential planning that can be done now to prepare yourself for the changes to come.

  • an example of the challenges faced by the people on site to do the right thing when it comes to safety.

  • A case study from the drinks industry of horizon scanning and ceasing an opportunity that presents itself from adversity.

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Time breakdown

Impact of extreme weather events on business resilience and in particular the supply chain.  00 – 07:43

Brexit impacts and options for the supply of skilled personnel for your business.  07:43 – 22:15

Special guest Vic Retalic using a case study to discuss the challenges of “Doing the Right Thing”. 22:15 – 38:17

Horizon scanning case study from the drinks industry.  38:17 – 49:52