Case Study: AQA

Developing a business continuity plan


The Client Requirement

Exam qualifications specialist AQA, which is responsible for setting and marking many GCSE and A-Levels taken in the United Kingdom, recognised its business continuity requirements needed review.


The Inverroy Response

A complete analysis and review of AQA’s Business Continuity Procedure to discover areas for improvement, followed by the design and implementation of new procedures and team training.


The Inverroy Solution

Site visits to all AQA locations to meet with senior staff and Business Continuity practitioners with the goal of helping the business become as robust and resilient as possible.

The resulting Inverroy Report presented recommendations to the AQA Senior Leadership team, which led to the design and implementation of a new procedure and training package.

Today, AQA benefits from an improved Business Continuity Procedure for the corporate level, with detailed departmental continuity plans.



Following a period of embedding, Inverroy were asked to deliver a simulated exercise to validate the AQA response capability.

Working with AQA specialists from operations and facilities management, Inverroy developed a realistic yet challenging scenario that was delivered utilising video conferencing to connect the Silver Team that was mobilised across the two main sites.

To assist the client to validate both Primary and Deputy responders, Inverroy delivered the exercise twice in a single day thus providing assurance to the AQA whilst also delivering excellent value for money.

Inverroy was appointed by our Finance and Corporate Services Director in early 2017 to provide specialist support services to refresh our existing Business Continuity Plan.

Leading the way in formulating a new Organisational Business Plan and individual Departmental Plans by holding group discussions and 1:1 meetings with Silver Team Leads.

We also refreshed our command structure using Inverroy’s 4 step delivery model.

Since implementing the revised continuity plan Inverroy have also carried out two successful practical simulation exercises to increase team understanding of the processes.

This has all been completed within nine months. We could not have done this in such an efficient way without Inverroy.
— Lorna Russell, AQA



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